Casey Neistat’s Challenge – YouTube The Daily Shed #143 – Yesterday, my favorite YouTube personality, Casey Neistat, offered up a challenge to other content creators: talk about the election with your community. Encourage your communities to actively vote against Trump. Casey also said he was voting for Hillary. That challenge […]

Casey Neistat’s Challenge

Rambling On –  YouTube The Daily Shed #142 – Today, I talk about a dozen different things. None of them connected. This was a very unfocused day. I have these sometimes. Not sure what it’s all about, but I appreciate you enduring it with me. Let’s discuss in the comments! […]

Rambling On

Asking for It – YouTube The Daily Shed #141 – Being assertive can be challenging sometimes. It’s an important skill to learn. If you are a humble person, simply asking for things… anything… can be difficult. It’s an important skill to develop. Yes, being assertive is a skill. It can […]

Asking for It

MY BABY’S BIRTHDAY! – YouTube The Daily Shed #140 – Tomorrow, my baby girl turns 12. She’s almost a teen! I’m not ready for this!!! Let’s discuss in the comments! AUDIO-ONLY PODCAST: thedailyshed.com/itunes SUPPORT THE SHOW ON PATREON! http://patreon.com/cheveedodd ON THE WEB: website: https://thedailyshed.com facebook.com/thedailyshed twitter: @cheveedodd instagram: cheveedodd SEND […]


United Cancellation – YouTube The Daily Shed #139 – At the end of the month, I’ll be taking a trip. I fly a few times a year and I’ve encountered all sorts of random flight mishaps. Delays, cancellations, re-routes… the usual stuff. This time, United cancelled my flight because they […]

United Cancellation

Make Them Smile – YouTube The Daily Shed #138 – As an IT professional… a service professional… I’ve always joked that 90% of my job is just showing up. It’s a little different than that… but not really. A large portion of my job is showing up and smiling. Being […]

Make Them Smile

The Me You See – YouTube The Daily Shed #137 – Listening to Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project today made me a bit introspective about who I am when the camera is on. If you don’t want to hear me talk about myself for 8 minutes, just skip to […]

The Me You See

Coffee or Tea? – YouTube The Daily Shed #136 – Why not both? Sometimes I want coffee, sometimes tea. I like them both. Coffee is my morning drink because I don’t like sugar in the morning. I take my coffee black but like a little bit of sugar in my […]

Coffee or Tea?

When Geeks Unite – YouTube The Daily Shed #135 – It’s FRIEND FRIDAY on the Shed and that means you are supposed to share your stuff! Thankfully, super-friend Janelle returns this week with even more awesome content for us to talk about. Let’s discuss in the comments! AUDIO-ONLY PODCAST: thedailyshed.com/itunes […]

When Geeks Unite

Making Friends – YouTube The Daily Shed #134 – When small children interact, they immediately declare their friendship. Over the course of their public school education, they will make and dissolve dozens of friendships. As adults, that seems to be a difficult thing for us to do. Why? Being friends […]

Making Friends